Marriage Encounter

Communication between husband and wife is the emphasis of this marriage enrichment program.  The couple spends a weekend together to concentrate on each other to revitalize their Christian Marriage.


Teens Encounter (TEC)

These three-day retreats are specifically designed to help youth and adults grow in their faith and into a deeper relationship with Christ, others and the Church.  The retreat is open to everyone who is a least 16 years old or a junior in High School.  All Christians are welcome to attend.



This "Three Day Weekend" is dedicated to spreading the Word of God and helping people form a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  Discussions during the weekend cover a variety of topics including the lay person's role within the Church, the meaning of grace and sacraments, the importance of prayer and the study of God, and living Christianity in community.


Rachel's Vineyard

This retreat provides an opportunity to deeply enter the grieving process and identify all the ways your abortion may have affected you.  This weekend focuses on a painful time in your life through a supportive and non-judgmental process.

Chimbote Relief

Our sister parish in Chimbote, Peru, has suffered a devastating flood. Our Stewardship Committee has prepared this excellent resource for those who would like to contribute to relief efforts. Please look over to see how you can help. For more information, please head to

or more information about what Holy Family Parish is doing to provide relief to Chimbote, please click here.