Altar Society

Holy Family Altar Society

All women become members of the Altar Society when joining our parish.  We welcome you as a member and extend an invitation to you join us for our meetings, activities and fellowship.  We also thank those who are already involved.


Altar Society meets the first Tuesday of each month, September through May, at 7 pm in the Holy Family Garden room. 


The purpose of the Altar Society is to foster the love of God and neighbor and to encourage those activities in which we participate.  Altar Society women work with the annual Christmas Tea, sew and embroider baptismal gowns, serve funeral luncheons and etc.  A fellowship dinner and entertainment is provided to all women of the parish in May.


Christmas Tea proceeds and dues collected from Altar Society members fund the following:

*Sacristy supplies (bread, wine, candles, etc.)            *Cleaning/updating of priest’s quarters

*Church restroom cleaning                                          *Vestments

*Annual birthday party at nursing home                      *Serving one Faith Formation session

*Christmas garland and trees                                      *TV mass/radio


Altar Society Leadership

President - Agnes Wischer

Vice President - Annette Noehre

Vice President - Gale O'Neil

Vice President - Gail Severinson

Secretary - Sandy Walen

Treasurer - Betty McDonald