United by our common baptism and Father, we of the Holy Family community praise God for the abundant gifts given to each and every one of us and we take seriously our responsibility to use these gifts in service for the good of all creation.

Staff Member: Father James Meyer

Staff Member: Father James Meyer

Father James Meyer

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Let me introduce myself, and maybe even ramble a bit as you become more acquainted with me as your new Pastor. First, I am 52 years old and celebrate my birthday on the 28th of September. I was born in Madison, South Dakota to Ray and Rita Meyer. I am the middle child of 5 and found my way through life to this point. I love my siblings, my folks with all my heart and they mean the world to me.
The oldest sibling Coleen lives in Walla Walla, WA with her husband and 7 children whom are all getting older and married. Then it is my next older sister, Bonnie, in Kansas City, KS and she lives with her husband and no kids at home but enjoys grand babies and stays in touch with them outside the home. I would be placed here in the order of siblings and am now positioned here at Holy Family. Next is my younger sister from Fargo, Barb, she lives with her husband and they have 4 kids one whom was married this past June and has a couple still at home in high school. Last, but not least, is my younger brother Robert, he lives in West Fargo and his daughter who is in high school.
I graduated from Fargo South in 1986, went to NDSU, Go Bison!!, as well as Cardinal Muench Seminary, which is no longer in operation from 1987-1990. I was then sent to The Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio from 1990 to 1994. Graduated with a Masters and was assigned to Jamestown for the first 2 years, was asked to take the Vice President’s roll at Shanley High School and Pastor in Wyndmere for 8 years. Following this I was assigned to Mayville and Hunter for 5 years before landing in the last position at Holy Cross for 12 years.
I have many passions and hobbies but my greatest love would be spiritually taking care of the NDSU Bison football team. I have been offering Mass and leading in various ways, cooking and celebrating with them for the last 8 years. I realize I will have many detractors but I need to continue to be who I am and will look forward to sharing my love of sports with all teams. ☺ I am excited about the UND hockey games in the near future to root them on to another title, Go Hawks! I also love cooking for events and sharing my talents and time with friends and family and have a side gig of catering with my sister in Fargo.
I have begun to get my feet wet, looking and asking a good number of questions and will continue to learn as I go. I am a leader in many ways and ask for your patience and support as we see many needs on the horizon and will find a way to get them up to speed.
Fr. Jim Meyer

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